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  1. Wil Murray, World Dominator

    Wil Murray, born in Calgary, once of Montreal, now of Berlin (sometimes)….is having a show in his adopted city at Sur la Montagne Gallery

    Murray, in a field of flowers, blowing us a kiss.  How sweet!  Murray is also known for receiving an honorable mention in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition, for his painting “Sexe Maniac Maniac Maniac Maniac Maniac."  If only there had been a separate category for Best Title. 

    The upcoming show is called ‘Doctor, Doctor Every Night I Dream Your Investigation My Notion’ and includes painting, collage, weaving, and photography.  As he zigzags across the globe, he zigzags through various mediums, always with eye-popping results.

    From the upcoming show


    Ouija’s The Color OF My True Love’s Hair, 2009, acrylic and foam on board

    In My Culture Food Is Not Very Important, 2011, acrylic, weaving, collage, photo on board

    His website declares: “Upcoming Exhibitions Everywhere.  Including (but not limited to): Calgary, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Maracaibo VE, Montreal, Toronto, and the Internet.”  Clearly world domination is in the works.  Wonderful!!